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. Relaxation Massage .

Revitalise tired muscles with a soothing massage that increases circulation. It’s deep and dreamy relaxation that rebalances the mind and body.

45mins - $135
60mins - $155
90mins - $195

. Soothing Stone Massage .

Melt away muscular tension with our signature Hot Stone Massage that combines a therapeutic hands-on technique with the heat from smooth, basalt stones made from volcanic rock. The warm stones penetrate deep into the muscles to stimulate circulation and restore balance.

75mins - $200

. Body Scrub .

We’ll start with a dry body brush to reveal newly generated skin cells and a healthy glow – your skin is now ready for a drizzling of warm natural oil to nourish. We’ll follow by lightly massaging an aromatic sugar scrub to renew the senses. A Hawaiian lomi lomi massage completes the treatment. (includes a take home mitt)

50mins - $140

. Hydrating Body Wrap .

We’ll detoxify, exfoliate and nourish with a dry body brush and scrub to reveal healthy skin. A hydrating clay mask follows to purify and stimulate your body. This series ends with aromatic oils and an invigorating scalp massage to revitalise. (includes a take home mitt)

60mins - $180

. body . 

Stimulate healthy circulation and bask in a relaxing bliss. It’s a complete beauty-from-the-inside-out experience.

. Aroma Massage .

Your chosen Salus aromatherapy oil allows your body to de-stress and help clear the mind. Our Aroma massage uses Indian summers signature massage to calm and relax the mind, body and soul.

75mins - $180
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