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. A lose yourself kind of luxe .

There’s something about salty air and warm nights that triggers a memory. You see peachy skies and you know that the next three months are what you’ve been waiting for. That feeling of all things relaxed and blissful and free – it’s the spirit of summer.   


We had a vision to create a space that’s warm and bright.  Where you can switch off and feel the luxury … where you can escape to step back into your own skin, totally rejuvenated.


It’s a place for you to vitalise the senses with a range of nourishing treatments.


For skin that glows, embark on a sensory journey in our plush spa rooms. Look no further than our manicure bar for beautiful, high-gloss nails. And for summer-worthy toes all year round, sink deep into our custom-made pedicure lounges and luxuriate in a meditative bliss.


We use only the best Australian products. We focus on the finer details. We tailor a suite of treatments to pamper you from top to toe.

If it’s a full body beauty experience you seek – you’ll find it here.  So, step inside our urban haven, because summer doesn’t have to end, not if you don’t want it to.

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